You have often seen chatbots on every website.It is now used commonly in every business.

But, Does your company really need a Chatbot?

In this article we will discuss the benefits of chatbots to a company.

First let’s understand what a chatbot is:

Chatbot is a computer program that stimulates and processes human conversation allowing humans to interact with digital devices.

For example: Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Facebook messengers etc.

Types of Chatbots

1: Chatbot for sale

It helps in making an online purchase.

2: Lead Bot

It helps to collect users data and collect leads.

3: Transactional Bot:

To perform different types of transactions, chatbots are helpful.

4: Bot Informant:

It helps to respond to users directly.

5: Chatbot for support:

It helps to advise users to use the products.

6: Assistant Bot:

It helps the user to solve several tasks at the same time.

Use of Chatbots

1: To get a request from a client.

2: To analyze requests by users.

3: Help in determining clients intentions and wishes.

4: Helps in executing actions based on predefined scripts.

5: It also generates responses in different languages.

6: Sending responses to clients.

What do you think these types of chatbots will help the company or not?

Answer to this question is absolutely YES. Potential of Chatbot is huge.

Do you want to know How & Why?

Benefits of Chatbot to a company

Let’s discuss the benefits of chatbots to a company:

1: Cost Saving:

Chatbot saves a lot of costs for a company. Instead of spending charges on customer support service companies can use chatbots for customer support service.

2: Chatbot is a new marketing and sales channel.

Chatbot is benefiting companies in many ways.

For example:

You can integrate your e-commerce with a chatbot and sell directly to your customers and take payment with Facebook messenger.

If you are not selling then you can use a chatbot to send emails and provide information about your new content.

A chatbot is a great channel for building relationships and selling to your audience.

3: Automate customer support responses:

It helps in automating quick, simple, and repetitive responses.

For example:

Frequently asked questions of customers.

You can also automate facebook replies for your customers.

4:  Chatbots are super quick and efficient at answering questions.

Chatbots are great because you don’t have to spend time and hire someone to reply to your customers. You can also add new questions to your bots.

Customers will be happy and get their queries solved instantly with the help of chatbots.

5: Get amazing data using chatbot:

The next amazing benefit you get from a chatbot is Data. With Chatbot analytics you can get so much data about your users and you can use that data in email marketing for personalizing messages etc.

6: Help grow your business

Chatbot helps to grow your business in an efficient way. Chatbot helps to get more customers and gives you a wide customer base. 

From marketing to sales to customer services chatbots help to improve and expand your business.

7:  Chatbot improve lead generation:

Chatbot helps to get better-qualified leads and nurture your leads. With a chatbot, you can directly ask relevant questions to your customer and you can redirect them to relevant pages.

 It helps in personalizing recommendations, offers, discounts, etc. which benefits customers.

8: Automation of communication with the client:

Many of the processes of clients can be automated through chatbots which frees up employees and experts can focus on other important work.

9: Whatsapp can be automated using chatbot:

All the activities related to WhatsApp can be automated and save a lot of time and effort. It makes the customer journey smoother.

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